Are they licensed?

Business licensing is legally required, and legitimizes a business. If you are searching for a professional to hire, making sure they are licensed is the first step, and key to that business securing liability insurance.

Are they insured with WCB and have liability insurance?

Asking this question when hiring a window cleaning service is important, because if employees get hurt while on your property and they don’t have WCB, you could end up paying their bills. WorkSafeBC insurance provides protection for employees and benefits for workers who suffer a work-related injury. When a service provider, such as a window cleaner is insured, they take on the responsibility of possible injuries and financial risk, keeping you safe legally.

How much knowledge of different types of window glass do they have such as what is the difference between low- glass and normal window glass?

All glass cleaning jobs are unique and can be extensive if you are considering cleaning a sunroom or glass greenhouse. The last thing you want is cracks in your glass or damage to the window casing from inappropriate pressure washing. Your window cleaner should know all the major facts about glass and how to handle individual jobs that come up. Low E or Low-emissivity glass is energy efficient glass designed to prevent heat from escaping out through the windows, and there is a specific way to clean it.

Do they use the latest window cleaning technologies that clean windows the best? 

As mentioned above, glass cleaning varies by type and size. Some windows are literally not meant to be squeegeed. If windows are not cleaned with earth friendly agents, damage to the environment can happen, with unhappy results to the flora and fauna surrounding your home. We use the latest technology in deionized water and understand the specifics of each glass cleaning job we take on.

Can they provide references?

Solid references give you the peace of mind needed when hiring a glass cleaning professional, especially for commercial tasks. Your property is valuable, and one of the best ways to confirm a skilled service, is to read the references of other business owners who have successfully hired skilled labour. References come to you without bias, and are genuine reports passed from one professional to another.

What online reviews do they have?

Online reviews are quick and easy to access – just type the business name into Google and read the Google My Business section on the search engine results page. You can post a review via mobile device or home PC. We love reviews and invite customers to post directly through our website.

What guarantee do they offer for their workmanship?

Guarantees are the ultimate in service-provider confidence. When your window cleaning service provides a solid guarantee, you know your glass is in the right hands.

Hire Clear Reflections for your window cleaning. We are licensed, insured, have several 5-star reviews and invite online reviews through our website. We know how to clean glass in an eco-friendly manner and guarantee our work.