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Clear Reflections Window Cleaning arrives on time or you get $50.00 off your bill! We clean windows, siding and gutters throughout the entire North Okanagan region in BC from Vernon to Salmon Arm.

Window Cleaning

Love the way your windows look or you don’t pay a dime! Exterior-Only Window Cleaning is our no-frills glass cleaning service. Nothing fancy, just simple exterior window cleaning that leaves your windows sparkling. This service is perfect for industrial and commercial cleaning.
Interior/Exterior Window Washing is for those times when you need a more complete window cleaning but nothing too fancy.

Our Premium Window Washing Package is our most popular package because we totally clean all your windows, exterior and interior. We also clean your screens, sills and frames for you. This is an excellent package for your once-a-year Spring cleaning.

Siding Cleaning

Siding cleaning is a physically difficult job to complete yourself, so why not leave it to us? The first thing we do is apply a soapy water solution to your siding while being extra careful to cover shrubs and plants with plastic covers to avoid harming them. Next, we use scrub brushes to loosen dirt and mildew that sticks to your siding. Then, to finish up, we carefully use a low pressure washing technique to rinse off all the siding revealing the clean, refreshed siding underneath.
Siding cleaning sounds simple, but very difficult to do, leave the job for us, you will be glad you did.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer to make the high-risk job of cleaning your gutters as simple as giving us a quick painless call, then sit back and enjoy peace of mind as we clean your gutters with our new Gutter Vacuum Technology. We are the answer to all your gutter cleaning needs. We can also spruce up the front of your gutter making it bright and clean again by using special brushes on extendable poles to scrub and wash all the grime and mildew away.

Moss Removal

Moss growing on your roof can create costly repairs because it traps moisture, and causes decay that can slowly infiltrate through the layers of your roof. In severe cases, moss can cause structural damage to roof framing. Rainwater and melting snow can then enter your home causing unhealthy mold growth on interior surfaces and more stress to the structural integrity of the roof. We carefully remove the moss on your roof without damaging the underlying roof components.

Power Washing

From decks and walkways to building exteriors, sheds and outdoor architecture, we can power wash your treasures to clean your yard up for the season.

If you want to see our window washing process, visit our Facebook page and watch the video where Tim explains the process and you can see the state-of-the-art equipment used by Clear Reflections.

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Wasp Nests

Sometimes wasps can be a problem for everyone, especially when they build their home around your home. Many people are afraid of wasps because of the possibility they might get stung. On one occasion, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was stung 30 times when I was eleven. That experience was hard to forget. It is hard to enjoy relaxing on your deck when there’s a wasp nest close by in the peak of the roof. When you have company over the last thing you want is for them to suffer the painful experience of a wasp sting.

If you need a hand to get rid of a problem wasp nest

Give us a call!


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