When You Hire an Amateur:

  • They don’t show up on time (or at all)
  • They don’t return your phone calls
  • They smoke or vape on your property
  • Their language is not family appropriate
  • They damage your property or leave a mess
  • They don’t offer a money-back guarantee
  • When You Hire a Professional:

  • They courtesy-call to remind you of your appointment
  • They arrive on time
  • They follow up post-service to make sure you are happy
  • They dress and act professionally at all times on your property
  • They Drive Lettered Service Vehicles
  • They carry both WCB and liability insurance and are happy to show this documentation
  • Meet the Professionals at Clear Reflections Window Cleaning

    In respect of your privacy, we call ahead to remind you of your appointment so you aren’t surprised by our arrival. We make it our goal to arrive prepared and on time, but in the event of an emergency, we reimburse you for this inconvenience. When our lettered service vehicle arrives, we can show proof of documentation for WCB and liability insurance. Our team is family appropriate and we respect your property and family by conducting ourselves in a dignified manner as we work. We do not smoke, vape, or use vulgar language when working at our residential or commercial sites, and we dress appropriately for the job.

    The biggest advantage to hiring a professional window cleaner is the excellent results you receive and the fact that you enjoyed your experience.

    Call us for ‘clear as crystal’ results: (250) 838-9997

    Further Reading (https://www.clearestglass.ca/what-to-ask-when-hiring-a-professional-window-cleaning-service)