Window screens are an important addition to our homes, especially in the spring and summer seasons when biting insects are a problem. But, making those dirty screens look exceptionally clean is not an easy task without the right equipment and time to do a great job. Unlike other window cleaners who simply dust or vacuum, we use a specialized machine that powerfully cleans all the grime off your screens.

Our Screen Cleaning Process

We gently remove the dirty screens from your windows then take them outside to our truck, where our new screen cleaning machine does the dirty work. (If you need unremovable screens cleaned on your porch, we have a special method for those too!) After the first stage is complete, we apply a biodegradable screen restoring application to make your screens look new. Then, we clean the frame of the screen, being extra careful so we do not break the plastic pull tabs and other fragile components. The last stage is a final inspection and a once-over with a special micro fibre cloth, then we carefully reinstall your exceptionally clean screens in each of your freshly cleaned windows.

Cleaning your own screens is time consuming and difficult, especially considering removal and renewal. Treat yourself to a summertime perk so you can enjoy sitting on your porch again, or see the outdoors clearly through your clean screens. Try our locally famous window and screen cleaning services. We are sure you will be impressed.

Our screen cleaning service is perfect for:

  • Patio Door Screens
  • Screened-In Porches
  • Residential Window Screens
  • Commercial and Industrial Window Screens

*If your windows screens are already to the point of starting to rip apart or are very thin and faded, cleaning results will be limited, but we can replace them for you as an option.

If you are tired of looking through dingy screens filled with fuzzies, end the insanity by hiring us to restore their lustre again! Call us for “clear as crystal” results: (250) 838-9997.